Value-added electronics manufacturer and integration specialist.

We’re here to ensure that your product is designed and delivered to your doorstep with ease and efficiency.

Dozens of companies around the world trust McGregor Surmount with their products

Specialists in design, development and delivery

Our company utilizes modern equipment and machinery capable of handling high volume projects. With our streamlined and integrated processes, we are capable of getting your parts delivered to you in no time at all.

Need a product developed? No worries. Our incredible engineering team can assist you in all things electronics. We offer some of the best engineering and testing services on the market.


We offer value-added final assembly, printed circuit boards, integration, selective conformal coating, surface mount assembly, through-hole assembly, functional testing, ultra sonic welding, custom cable harness, potting/encapsulation and hot bar soldering.


Engineering is just as important to us and we spare no resource when it comes to designing a product with maximum functionality and frugality. We offer quick-turn prototyping, test systems/fixture design, failure analysis, product design, design modification/ recommendations, alternate component recommendations and temperature chamber testing/burn-in.


Our in-house test development sets us apart from our competitors. Agility? Not a problem. Changes can be made quickly and effectively because we have developed the process. Traceability? Never an issue. From simple to complex data, all of your results can be recorded and analyzed for future reference.


McGregor can provide precision conformal coating and encapsulation during your electronic manufacturing. From prototype quantities to high volume, safeguard your circuits from the environmental hazards. Allow your product to surpass the longevity of your competitors.

Discover the McGregor Surmount Difference

Dive into our company video and find out what sets McGregor Surmount apart in electronic manufacturing. Explore our advanced processes and modern equipment, all executed with an unparalleled attention to detail. 

From concept to delivery, learn how we ensure excellence at every step, marrying efficiency with sustainability. Discover why choosing us means investing in the future of your product with a partner dedicated to exceeding expectations.