Here’s How We’re Bringing Clean Water to the World

As of a 2022 study, over 771 million people around the globe lack access to clean and safe drinking water according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. For perspective, that’s enough people to fill up the largest stadium ever built–5,140 times. 

With that being said, this is a critical problem to solve and a massive scale to accommodate. However, with the collaboration of DOXA Research Group and hundreds of incredible people, we’ve gotten started on our journey to bring clean water to the world.

Photo courtesy of Doxa Wells Holdings, LLC.

This task is impossible to complete without help. McGregor Surmount has been working diligently with the fantastic team at DOXA Research Group to develop faster, safer and more efficient systems to pump safe drinking water. 

DOXA Research Group’s mission is to “provide quality water solutions by the drilling and installation of wells, to research and produce improved technologies, and to deliver prompt, affordable, honest, and courteous service to communities in supplying quality water.” (DOXA Research Group). With this mission in mind, our engineering team at McGregor have designed and developed wire assemblies to aid in transmitting information to DOXA Link–a service that provides water-level data from each pump to a network, with the ability to predict when the aquifer may be active again. 

This incredible technology enables tribes and communities in third-world countries to accurately and effectively bring water to their families, decreasing their daily workload in the process.

Photo provided by Dan Nihiser, President of DOXA Research Group Inc.

In the picture above, children can be seen gathering around a recently-installed well in Uganda. The white fixture attached to the well contains the DOXA Link device as well as the wire assembly designed by the engineers at McGregor Surmount.

As of 2023, DOXA has helped to install 269 pumps with more on the way. Breaking this down, over 276,449 pumping hours have been recorded and over 47 million gallons of water have been delivered.

Photo provided by Dan Nihiser, President of DOXA Research Group Inc.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this incredible operation and DOXA Research Group shares our same appreciation. Stephen Peacock from DOXA had this to say about our collaboration with their team:

He also had this to say about our solution for the harness component:

Photo provided by Dan Nihiser, President of DOXA Research Group Inc.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone at DOXA Research Group for allowing us to take part in this magnificent project. We would also like to thank the dozens of local organizations helping to fund this mission and improve the lives of millions. None of this would have been possible without the contributions of the generous people like you

To donate towards this project, please use this link:

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