We’re Taking Steps to Expand Our Digital Footprint; Here’s How You Can Track Us

For the last few months we have looked deep into the idea of increasing our brand presence. From changing our brand color schemes to show our push for clean and renewable energy all the way to overhauling our website to match our march towards modernization, McGregor Surmount is making moves each and every day to plan for our future.

Naturally, the next step for our company was to put our name on the market and get our foot in the door. With that said, we’ve taken an incredible opportunity to showcase our company in a big way.

Image courtesy of Resource in Focus Magazine.

In November of 2022, McGregor Surmount had an advertisement featured in the monthly edition of the Resource in Focus magazine.

Aeroseal is a company that specializes in developing industry-leading technology in the market of air & duct sealing. In an incredible article about where they came from and where they’re going, you can find our ‘Concept to Reality’ ad printed right at the top of page 37.

Image courtesy of Resource in Focus Magazine.

Aeroseal has been a long time client of McGregor Surmount and we have worked with them on many different projects so it goes without saying that this was the perfect place to be featured. We would like to extend a thank you to Aeroseal for being such a wonderful partner in the manufacturing industry. We would also like to show our gratitude to Resource in Focus magazine for allowing us to be a part of their incredible publication.

To read the Aeroseal article and find our ad, checkout the November 2022 edition of Resource in Focus magazine by clicking on this link: https://mags.resourceinfocus.com/mag/RIFNov2022/#page=35

To read other editions of Resource in Focus, please visit their website by clicking on this link:

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